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Facial Recognition Temperature Detection Access Control System


Facial Recognition Temperature Detection Access Control System

1. AI face recognition temperature detection system
2. 8inch HD LCD display 
3. Support Non-contact body temperature detection
4. Support mask detection
5. Support 50,000 face comparison library 
6. widely used in aisles, gates and other controlled entrances or areas.



Face recognition & temperature measurement system

Non-contact infrared temperature detection and face recognition access control, it achieves the accurate matching of personnel and temperature. With data synchronous upload to the management platform, it provide establishment of the first line of defense. To meet the community and public entrances and other places for rapid temperature monitoring, face screening, the product offering users with high technology service and improve the passage efficiency.


→ Non-contact automatic body temperature detection, brush human face and perform high-precision infrared human temperature collection at the same time, fast and efficient;
→ Temperature measurement range 35-42(℃) Accuracy ± 0.3 (℃)
→ Automatically identify people without masks and give real-time warning;
→ Support long-range temperature measurement and real-time early warning of high temperature;
→ Automatically register and record information, avoid manual operation, improve efficiency and reduce missing information;
→ Support live detection
→ The unique face recognition algorithm accurately recognizes the face, and the face recognition time is less than 300ms
→ Support human motion tracking exposure in strong backlight environment, support machine vision optical dynamics ≥120dB;
→ 8-inch IPS HD display
→ IP34 dust and water resistant
→ Support 50,000face comparison library and 100,000 face recognition records
→ Support one Wiegand input or Wiegand output
→ Support electronic voice broadcast (normal human body temperature characteristics or ultra-high alarm, face recognition verification results)
→ Long-term stable operation in the environment of 0 ℃ to + 50 ℃


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