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Hospital surveillance

Hospital surveillance system:
Build surveillance system in hospital with HD IP cameras and megapixel IP camera, the purpose is for build a safe environment, to secure the hospital people and equipments.
In general, IP camera will be installed on som places like wall, gate, office, public area, aisles, computer room, device stock room, document room, warehouse, and some places where have important devices or save documents, or drug.
Use HD IP camera to build the surveillance system in hospital can realize real-time surveillance, you can get real-time video and save it, this also can improve security guards working efficiency.
In such a modern time, use megapixel HD IP cameras in hospital to build surveillance network is a effective method to evaluate staff works, more and more hospitals use this method to check staff working time, working situation, some leader even use smart phone to remotely check staff working status.

Hospital surveillance system with HD IP camera use 3 methods to realize transmission:
1. Local short distance transmission is the most simple way, we only need to connect all IP cameras to switch via network cables, and connect NVR to switch via network cable, then choose a suitable HD monitor according to the image channels and size that you need. Please refer to below image:

2. Long distance transmission: when the network camera is far away from control room for more than 100 meters, we can add one more switch to extend the transmission via network cable, but don’t use more than 2 switches in 1 system, because switch digital signal need time, after many transmission times, the monitoring image will with obvious time delay. Longer transmission distance need to use fiber transceiver to convert the signal to be light signal, and then use optical fiber to realize transmission for long distance. Please refer to the below image:

3. Remote control: remote surveillance send video signal online. Connect the switch and router online, then visit via NVR client, or use server / P2P remote client to visit the surveillance system, customer can use smart phone easily realize remote surveillance of the IP camera system. Please refer to the below image:                            

HD IP surveillance camera system in hospital have 3 parts:
1. Front end -- HD IP camera to get video
2. Signal transmission
3. Record and display

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