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Company Surveillance System

HDCAM Company Surveillance System primarily to maintain the order in the company, to defend the company's safety, and improve management with tools, so usually in the company's perimeter wall, and out the door, the administrative office area, production workshops, warehouses, and other key parts of the installation of a digital computer room HD cameras. Monitoring system to achieve real-time monitoring and video storage, can greatly improve the efficiency of security personnel and the timely processing of police intelligence, can effectively protect company property and staff, as well as digital high-definition surveillance system also helps manage the various departments in the company effective as the basis for reward and punishment, improve staff productivity.

In today's modern enterprise, the company take advantage of digital high-definition video surveillance system to enhance employee attendance management, improve work efficiency, business leaders traveling in different places and even the use of mobile terminals such as PC, tablet or mobile phone for remote monitoring, to keep abreast of the various departments of the company Real-time status.

Digital HD monitor system based on the needs of a particular there are three different modes of transport :

1, A local short-distance surveillance monitoring is the easiest way, as long as each camera is connected to the switch via the network cable, and then connect the switch to NVR ones according to the size of the screen and the screen to select the size of the need to watch high-definition screen as shown below :

2, Long-distance transmission, and the control room in front of the camera more than 100 meters away when the switch can be done through a secondary exchange, but is not recommended because more than three switches digital switching takes time, if too many times will cause the screen to exchange significant delay Therefore, the use of more long-distance fiber optic transceivers transmit the signal into an optical signal transmitted through the optical fiber, as shown below:

3, Remote surveillance, remote monitoring via the Internet is to deliver the video signal, the first connected to the switch and routing access to the Internet, through the NVR client for remote access, you can use a remote server forwards through P2P software client to access but also support for mobile terminals such as mobile phones monitoring connections as shown below:

HDCAM Company surveillance system and other occasions monitoring system also had three main elements,include :
1, The front-end video capture part
2, The signal transmission section
3, Storage and display section

1. The front-end video capture part include:

1, The Standard HD camera
Usually divided into 1/1.3/2.4 mega pixels ( without lens , the lens can be selected as needed to monitor the angle )
2 , HD dome camera
Usually divided into 1/1.3/2.4 mega pixels ( camera may need to monitor the angle of choice )
3 , IR Waterproof HD camera
( Usually divided into 1/1.3/2.4 mega pixels. Lenses according to the need to monitor the angle of choice, but may need to monitor the distance to select the appropriate intensity of infrared light infrared camera . )
4 , HD IR Dome Camera
( Usually divided into 1/1.3/2.4 mega pixels, Lenses according to the need to monitor the angle of choice, but may need to monitor the distance to select the appropriate intensity of infrared light infrared camera . )
5 :Intelligent HD IP Speed dome camera
Divided into 1 : High-speed dome camera 2 :Medium-speed dome camera 3:Low-speed dome camera
6 :Intelligent HD IP IR Speed Dome Camera
IR dome camera Divide into an outdoor distance type , outdoor mini type . And indoor mini type . The same is also divided into 1 : High-speed dome camera 2 :Medium-speed dome camera 3:Low-speed dome camera

2, The signal transmission section

1, the transmission of 100 meters, digital high-definition camera uses network transmission, the camera interface is also a network interface usually only need to use the camera end of the cable can be hundreds of megabytes, if the distance between the transmission range of 100 meters on the use of direct connection can be.
2, if more than 100 meters a second switch that can be used to exchange, but suggested that the exchange should not exceed three times the number, because the data exchange takes time, so if the number of exchanges, the more it will cause a video delay too long.
3, long-distance transmission, the ideal is to use optical fiber transmission, the upcoming cable with fiber optic transceivers into optical transmission.
4, in some occasions, such as the interior has been renovated wiring can not use wireless WIFI transmission.

3, The Storage and display section

1, It is recommended to use professional embedded NVR (Digital Video Recorder)
2, Can also choose digital NVR (mode server) for remote forwarding remote monitoring.
3, The display section can be selected according to the needs of high-definition display screen size, if you need a large screen close-up alternative ways to solve the mosaic screen display.

How to choose the company's digital high-definition surveillance system;

First, the system selects

Companies digital HD surveillance system is to monitor the surrounding walls, office areas , public activity areas, warehouses, entrances, rooms and other places , stable performance , simple solution is to control the cost of the core logic. Meet the next function , quality, operating performance , price and service levels late premise , the pursuit of the most simple system to optimize device configuration , is the most reasonable way to reduce system cost .

Considering the difficulty of construction companies and digital high-definition surveillance system , maintenance personnel and operational factors , future expansion of the system , the system has an interface transformation reserved .

The overall design of the system as simple is to protect system reliability , it is recommended to use an embedded NVR ( Digital Video Recorder ) to a system of video storage and processing screen display devices , since the chip -level hardware decoding NVR is relatively PC requires CPU resources it is more likely to work long hours to ensure stability, such as the need for remote monitoring platform can be used for remote NVR can also be achieved. You can also configure a server for forwarding. Also need to make sure to monitor the large ones , due to the remote monitoring of large ones to determine how much direct forwarding server working pressure. Therefore, according to ones need to be monitored remotely configure the server can be selected to ensure the economic and rationality .

Construction volume of digital high-definition monitor analog monitor construction volume than ever to be small , because it is so logical connection point as possible to monitor the transport group nearby , is to close off a few points are then connected to a switch unity transmission, if the monitoring is far away from the use of fiber optic transmission is the most economical way . Because the digital camera 720P HD stream is 3M, 1080P is about 6M, so the simultaneous transmission of 15 points or more need to switch to Gigabit Ethernet line, but it is recommended simultaneous transmission of 10 points or more on the use of Gigabit Ethernet line.

Second, the product selection

When selecting the front-end products primarily to meet the needs of surveillance applications , the company monitors are generally built on the basis of the concept of security and management. Security is undoubtedly more important at night than during the day , the utilization of natural surveillance at night than during the day so the more mundane recommended to use devices with infrared , following on how to choose a digital high-definition infrared camera to make a brief introduction.

Note that the subject of many manufacturers of digital high-definition infrared camera infrared night vision distance is the distance achieved , from a few meters to several hundred meters. The night was clear and effective visual distance of the maximum distance that can be seen through the monitor , the distance by emitting infrared light , the photosensitive degree cameras , infrared reflection -site case to decide. Between them as a result of mutual matching of computer CPU, memory , graphics cards , chipsets , like a part of any reduction in efficiency will make the overall system efficiency is reduced, so in order to make the evening the night effect has been met, in addition to try to choose manufacturers of equipment outside the relatively formal but also a reasonable choice of viewing angle, high-definition digital video camera infrared light angle smaller viewing angle configuration , the smaller , role in the same light emitting angle directly affects the size of the distance light irradiation . This is the same point and a flashlight in front of the lights if the embryos removed then estimated that even 10 meters are not shine . There is not a digital high-definition infrared camera to see more infrared light emitting certainly stronger because of different electro-optical conversion efficiency of light-emitting chips are not the same , this looks like an ordinary 100 -watt bulbs yet 30 watt energy-saving light -emitting strong a reason.


Select the digital high-definition infrared camera only to see its effects, because the red digital HD video camera outside the infrared energy at night when the light is turned on conservation law, such as the use of electro-optical conversion efficiency is 10% of infrared light, so if the 2-watt power consumption in addition to generating electricity 0.2 watts of light, but also must generate 1.8 watts of heat due to the heat generated only a small area on the wick so will result in a small area of the heat accumulated temperature is very high, exceeding the luminous efficiency will occur when the wick increasingly working environment temperature the lower, while the rapid acceleration of the aging luminous body makes life shortened, so when choosing a digital high-definition infrared camera manufacturers need to pay attention to see whether the heat in the infrared light on to take the appropriate measures.

The company has a wide range of settings, such as parking lot, a large workshop, warehouse, select Megapixel IR Dome relatively fit, if it is to select the digital high-definition infrared Ball MINI small range or location of the installation is relatively low comparing the situation will look like this beautiful interior of a small area, such as rest areas, canteens, channel crossings, etc., on the choice of digital HD MINI indoor infrared ball. Because, after all, a smart ball can monitor angle can be achieved without blind spot monitoring, if the environment has a more important area in this area can be set to guard bit (can be set to a fixed position after staying idle time), to avoid the ball machine because the monitor other when staying in the area while ignoring other occasions recording important occasions. In an important gateway must use fixed focus digital HD video camera, a digital high-definition video camera fixed in the choice when the attention of the choice of viewing angle possible not to choose too large an angle, because the angle is too large display screen objects too small lead not clear enough to see the phenomenon.

On-site monitoring requirements must be much larger angle but because of the angle of impact over the General Assembly on the results of infrared light, and the screen is too small is not easy to obtain a valid picture may not be suitable infrared smart ball use, you can choose to use a small pan to solve, is to choose a small digital HD camera angle and then stand in a small angle by rotating the stage Xiaoyun to expand the scope of monitoring, but usually also need to plug a small pan decoder, and the need to connect the 485 decoders and digital high-definition cameras, Since it is likely to cause too complex wiring fault factor. To this end, Ratingsecu designed a smart Rotating bracket, swivel bracket million dedicated HD video camera, also known as HD cameras smart bracket. This is the glory days as a patented product, the appearance of the swivel bracket is a very beautiful digital HD camera mount, but the level design of the stepper motor mounting block plate 485 and decoding signals encoded by a digital HD camera board and back-end coding and unified communications to achieve various actions.

The company has car park entrances are usually needed a place to see the license plate, digital high-definition cameras are generally able to see during the day to meet the needs of the license plate, but the vehicles are driving at night because the lights so seriously affected the image imaging, if you use the standard digital high-definition infrared camera infrared light due to the formation of highly reflective plate (due to the surface properties of reflective paint the license plate) and the same result in a white see above figures, so be sure to use a dedicated digital HD cameras and license plate to the scene to do after the test angle (different angles will produce different results) to install.

Select the elevator in the corridor or digital HD hemisphere infrared camera, mounted directly on the ceiling would be more general choice of white appearance, HD dome camera is also better to install. But the choice of digital HD Dome Camera also need to select the cooling guaranteed products. Because many manufacturers of digital high-definition infrared camera hemisphere are plastic materials, heat treatment and did not do in the infrared lamp heating Department.

Three , installation mode selection

      Digital high-definition video camera installed in the room to avoid backlighting installation , you should shun the light installation. Some regions such as the corridor because the distance is too long when you need two digital high-definition cameras will be able to monitor an ideal picture , not the opposite two digital high-definition infrared camera is installed , because when you make the opposite infrared digital HD camera infrared lights turned on at night the cameras produce reflections and thus do not see an effective screen , this is like driving a car at night we currently face oncoming car driving lights when we do not see the same way . So when you choose to install outdoor mounted north-south position also try not to install something , because things toward the camera will be affected by the effect of direct sunlight .

Outdoor installation of a digital object choice next time try to avoid high-definition infrared ball , because nighttime infrared light will turn on when the object is irradiated to produce reflective affect display.

When centralized power supply will be regulated 220V first deal , if we can use UPS ( uninterruptible power supply ) is more appropriate . Note the position of the power as possible from the digital high-definition camcorder on the last point because the voltage of 12V when the voltage drop in the wire transfer will be great .
If a small area or a building there are a few points closer and farther away from the nearest switch or transfer device, the choice in this area to put a switch , the transmission will focus on all the points it saves engineering .

If the pole is installed digital HD ball machine or a digital HD camera outdoors sure the top of the vertical pole root lightning rod , and well grounded . This can effectively prevent lightning equipment.

Fourth, storage and display selection

Company monitors ranging from four to hundreds of screen display according to the size of the project. Here's the easiest solution to 64 pictures 4 pictures to be elaborated .

4 points on the use of a single NVR 4 -way as storage and decoding, and then use a 22 -inch high-definition display screen is divided into four displays on the line, if you want to monitor what the screen with the mouse double-click the screen is changed into a single picture shows

If it is 4 points or more nine points or less on the use of a 9 Road NVR as storage and decoding, and then use a 42 -inch high-definition display will be divided into the screen 9 displays on the line, if you want to monitor what screen with the mouse double-click the picture that turned into a single-screen display .

If it is nine points more than 16 points within a 16 on the use of NVR as storage and decoding display : a : Use a 42 -inch high-definition display screen is divided into 16 displays , two , using four 42 -inch high-definition display screen splicing group will split into 16 shows on the screen to display the size and cost requirements to choose.

If it is 16 points less than 32 points on the road using a 32- NVR as storage and decoding displays : one , using a 42 -inch high-definition display screen is divided into 32 displays , two , using four 42 -inch high-definition display screen splicing group will split into 32 shows on the screen to display the size and cost requirements to choose.

If it is 32 points less than 64 points on the road using four 16 NVR as storage and decoding, using four 42 -inch or larger HD monitor each display screen is divided into 16 Show , 16X4 = 64 if you want to monitor what the screen with the mouse double-click the picture that becomes single-screen display in the opposite shows .
These are the most simple back-end systems , of course, whether it is a few road NVR configuration must be set aside when necessary interfaces late expansion .

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