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With the improvement of people's living standard and the network popularization, the safety protection is more and more into the heart,so people for the security concept is increasing. Nowadays, a lot of friends because of all sorts of busy affairs, resulting in very little time to take care of the family, often in a state of worry about family. While the social progress, but the criminal activities become more rampant, theft has always happened around us, and everyone is under a state of anxiety, panic, gradually realize the importance of video monitoring. Along with the progress of science and technology, family security system has got rapid development, and we - 【 RATINGSECU 】 for home security has improved further, to a lot of friends to establish an efficient and perfect family video monitoring system, solve the problem of anxiety, panic, thus, all the monitoring of family anytime and anywhere.

Nowadays,home security camera has become quite a few important family security tools. Luxury villa, or simple residential buildings. Home security camera appear in our lives, and more people began to look for family security device.Then, how to choose security camera for indoor use? What kind of function to begin to have?

1. The average home users - mobile phone zero distance care - Megapixel HD IP IR Camera, computer, mobile phone remote optional .

Application Introductions :

Just need install a 1.0 megapixel hd ir speed dome camera in the sitting room, use a cable or WIFI connection to a router home, in the home video store and install the software in the computer of P2P (peer-to-peer transmission point to point), at any one can connect to the Internet to realize remote corner of real-time video to watch home. Whenever you are ,anytime , see your home.


2. Villa home users - care for the family, love anytime and anywhere

All-round megapixel hd ip ir camera , computer, mobile phone remote optional .

Application Introductions :

Villa building with a yard, just to install a 1.0 megapixel hd ir speed dome camera in the sitting room, and install Waterproof Megapixel HD Array IR Camera  + Electrical Rotating Bracket at courtyard wall corner, with cable or WIFI router connection with home, in the home computer to install software for video storage and P2P remote (point-to-point transmission of point to point). So no matter in the end of the world also may at any time to look at his luxury home.  

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