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Supermarket surveillance

1.Supermarket management: anytime, anywhere to check the store and shop staff working condition

2.Commodity display: anytime, anywhere to show customers the latest commodity information in the shop

3.Supermarket Security: shop fitted with an intelligent eyes for you, always protect your security

  Support, computer, mobile phone Internet remote viewing, installation is simple, fast, simple operation, the coinsurance!!!!!

2.General supermarket users - intelligent eyes, ready to protect it security

Shops for millions of high-definition digital network monitoring, remote computer, mobile phone to only cost 888 RMB.

A. Application is introduced: the shop's checkout can install 1 MP high-definition infrared dome camera, installed in the corner of the shop list array infrared camera + 1 set of millions of high intelligent rotating bracket combination, all use cable or WIFI connection to a router store, in the store computer software installed on the video store and P2P remote.Customers can watch their own store at anytime and anywhere.

B. Installation application note: adjust the SV - H241N good bearing and fixed well, SV - H232N high-definition infrared camera with rotating bracket is installed, two high-definition cameras adopt Ethernet cable connected to the original router, P2P remote monitoring software can be installed on the computer use, at the same time can be installed on the mobile phone or other parts of the computer for remote monitoring of the client.

2. The small supermarket users - protect your property safe at any time.

   Big supermarket and small supermarket professional MP HD digital network security cameras, remote computer, mobile phone to only cost 4288 RMB.

   A.Application introduction: the shop's checkout install 1 network high-definition cameras, outside the shop outfit 1 network high-definition cameras, at the door of the shops install one network high-definition cameras, in about two Angle of high-definition cameras installed 2 sets of network + rotating bracket, high-definition cameras installed in the warehouse 1 network, high-definition cameras installed in the back door 1 network, all use cable or WIFI connection to a router store, inside the store computer to install 1 8-way NVR + 1 switcher, through the NVR video storage and P2P remote.

   B. Installation application instructions: 2 sets SV - H241N with 3 sets of SV - H232N adjust azimuth and fixed good, installing two sets of SV - H232N high-definition infrared camera with rotating bracket, 7 high-definition camera adopts Ethernet cable connected to the original network switches, will hd NVR also through the network to connect to the network switch (such as a hard drive) will be added to the video, also can be in mobile phones or other parts of the computer is installed on the client for mobile phone remote monitoring.

   P.S: Can choose the computer video

   The wireless remote monitoring, all under control!

   Digital high-definition security system is mainly in order to safeguard the order of the supermarket, supermarket defend supermarket goods safety, and improve management with tools, so generally peripheral surrounding, entrances and exits, administrative areas, in the supermarket shelf area, warehouse, the register of key parts of the installation of the digital high-definition cameras.Video image in real-time monitoring system, monitoring and storage, can greatly improve the working efficiency of the security personnel and timely processing industry, can effectively protect the supermarket property security, digital high-definition monitor system is also conducive to the supermarket management of each department, effective as the basis of reward and punishment, improve the staff's working efficiency.

   In today's modern enterprises,usingdigital high-definition video monitoring system can strengthen the employee attendance management, improve work efficiency,  notified supermarket and office management department to achieve timely understanding of various departments work and customer purchases, leadership on a business trip in other cities can use PC or mobile terminals such as tablets or mobile phones for remote monitoring, at any time to understand the status of the major link of real-time.

There are three different transmission mode of Digital high-definition security system according to the demand of the supermarket.

   1. Local short distance monitoring is the simplest way of monitoring, as long as each camera through the cable connected to the switch, will NVR is also connected to the switch and then according to the pictures' way and need to watch the picture size to choose the size of the hd display.

   2.Long-distance transmission, on the front end cameras and monitoring room is more than 100 meters can do secondary exchange through the switches, but suggest not more than three switch because digital switching takes time, if the number of exchange images too much will lead to a significant delay, so individual more long-distance transmission using optical transceiver to transmit signals into light through the optical fiber.

   3.Remote monitoring, remote monitoring is through the Internet to transmit video signal, switch and routing of the connection to the Internet, remote access, through the NVR client can also use the server forwarding by P2P software to access a remote client also supports mobile terminals such as mobile phone monitoring.

Supermarket digital high-definition surveillance and other system have three most other occasions:

Front-end video acquisition
2. Signal transmission parts
3. Storage and display

Front-end video acquisition usually have:

   1.The standard digital high-definition color video cameraUsually divided into 1 million / 1.3 million / 1 million pixels (not including lens, lens can choose according to need to monitor the point of view)2, digital high-definition cameras hemisphereUsually divided into 1 million / 1.3 million / 1 million pixels (lens can choose according to need to monitor the point of view)3 high-definition cameras, ir waterproof model NumbersUsually divided into 1 million / 1.3 million / 2 million pixels.(lens can choose according to need to monitor the point of view, also can choose according to the distance monitor camera corresponding intensity of infrared lamp.)4 digital high-definition camera, infrared hemisphereUsually divided into 1 million / 1.3 million / 2 million pixels.(lens can choose according to need to monitor the point of view, also can choose according to the distance monitor camera corresponding intensity of infrared lamp.)5 smart ball, digital video cameraSmart spherical cameras is divided into: high-speed ball, medium-speed ball, ball at a constant speed.6, digital high-definition infrared smart spherical camerasInfrared smart spherical cameras into long-distance outdoor type, mini type outdoor.And indoor mini type.Also can be divided into: high-speed ball, medium-speed ball, ball at a constant speed.

   2.The signal transmission parts1, 100 meters of transmission, digital high-definition cameras use network transmission, video camera interface and network interface camera usually end you just need to use MB network cable, if the distance in 100 meters of transmission range is used directly connected.2, if more than 100 meters can use switches for the second exchange, but don't suggest the exchange of more than 3 times, as the data exchange takes time so if exchange will cause the more video delay too long.3, long-distance transmission, the ideal is to use optical fiber transmission, the cable with optical fiber transceiver into a fiber optic cable transmission.4, in some occasions such as indoor already decorate good cannot wiring can use wireless WIFI transmission.

   3. Storage and display

   1. It is recommended to use professional embedded NVR (digital hard disk video recorder)
   2. Also can choose digital NVR (server) in the remote monitoring for remote forward.Part
   3. The display can choose according to the demand of the frame size to hd display, if you need big picture feature can choose joining together to solve the display screen.

   How to choose the supermarket digital high-definition security system.

   First,the system of Supermarket digital high-definition monitor system mainly monitor the perimeter security, shelves, public activity area, warehouse, entrances and exits, check out the register, administrative areas, such as occasion, stable performance, simple and easy solution is to control the cost of the core logic.In satisfying the function, quality, performance, price and service level, such as the pursuit of the most simple and easy equipment configuration, the optimization of system is the most reasonable method of reduce the cost of the system.And considering the supermarket digital high-definition monitor system construction difficulty, maintenance personnel and operating factors of the future system expansion, system reserved interface.

   As far as possible simple overall system design is the guarantee of system reliability, it is recommended to use embedded NVR (digital hard disk video recorder) is shown as a system of video storage and processing equipment, because the NVR is chip level relative PC hardware decode need CPU resources for easier to guarantee the stability of long work hours, available for remote monitoring of NVR can also achieve remote platform.Can also configure a server to forward.Make sure need to monitor the route at the same time, due to the remote monitoring of ways on how to directly determine forwarding servers work pressure.So, according to the needs of remote monitoring at the same time 'way to select the server configuration can ensure that economy and rationality.

   Digital high-definition security construction are smaller than in the past simulation monitoring construction, because it is a logical connection so as far as possible to nearby group point to point transmission, is near the few points have been a switch in then uniform transmission, if the distance is far away from the monitoring using optical cable transmission is the most economical way.Because digital high-definition cameras 720 p code flow is 3 m, 1080 p at about 6 m, so the transmission at the same time more than 15 points need to switch to gigabit Ethernet cable, but at the same time suggest transport more than 10 points with gigabit Ethernet cable.

   Second, the product selection

   When choosing the front-end products mainly to meet the needs of monitoring situation, supermarket monitoring is generally based on the basic concept of security and management.Safety is more important than during the day night, the utilization rate of natural monitoring at night than during the day more ordinary therefore recommend the use of infrared devices, below is how to choose the digital high-definition infrared camera to make a simple introduction.

   Pay attention to a lot of digital high-definition infrared camera manufacturer mark refers to the distance of the infrared light and night vision distance from several meters to hundreds of meters.And the visual range at night is can see clearly from the monitor effective maximum distance, is by the infrared lamp luminous distance, degree of photographic camera, the scene reflected infrared situation to decide.Between them as the result of the computer's CPU, memory, video card, the matching of chipset, any link efficiency reduction will reduce the efficiency of the whole system, so in order to make the night night effect is satisfied, in addition to choose relatively regular factory equipment to choose the visual Angle, digital high-definition cameras visual Angle, the smaller the configuration of the smaller Angle of infrared lamp, under the same light source is emitting Angle directly affects the size of the light in the distance.This and flashlight is the same as if the light in front of the embryo to remove as estimated according to less than 10 meters.And the more is the digital high-definition infrared camera not see infrared lamp will shine more, because of the different light emitting chip electro-optic conversion efficiency, it is like a normal 100 - watt bulbs have not 30 watts of energy-saving lamps light emitting a strong point.

Important note:

Choose the digital high-definition infrared camera not only look at its effect, because the red digital high-definition cameras when opening the lamp in the night outside the law of conservation of energy, such as the use of electro-optical conversion efficiency is 10% of the infrared lamp, if 2 watts of electrical power consumption in addition to produce 0.2 watt light must also produce 1.8 watts of heat, due to the heat is produced in the small area of the wick so will lead to a small area of the temperature of the heat accumulation is very high, more than the wick working environment temperature will appear more and more luminous efficiency is low, and rapidly accelerate the aging of luminous body make service life shortens greatly, so must pay attention to when choosing digital high-definition infrared camera see if factory take the corresponding measures on the infrared lamp heat dissipation.

   Supermarket has a lot of broad occasion such as car parks, large shelves, warehouse, choose millions of high-definition infrared smart ball is relatively appropriate, if it is small or the location of the installation under the condition of low selection MINI digital high-definition infrared ball that will look more beautiful indoor small area, such as rest areas, public rest area, channel, intersection, etc., the choice of the digital hd MINI indoor infrared ball.Because, after all, the intelligent dome camera can monitor Angle can be achieved without blind area monitoring, if there is a more important area of the environment can be set to guard this area a (after free time stay fixed position can be set), to avoid the ball machine due to monitor the other area when stay in other places while ignoring the important occasions of the video.In the important gateway must use fixed focus of digital high-definition cameras, when selecting a fixed digital high-definition cameras pay attention to the choice of viewing angles, as far as possible don't choose too big Angle, because the Angle is too large display of objects too small lead to see not clear.

   On-site monitoring Angle must be bigger but due to the Angle will affect the effect of infrared light, and the picture is too small not easy to get effective images and res infrared smart ball, can choose to use a small yuntai to solve, is to choose small Angle digital high-definition cameras and then mounted on a small stage with the rotation of the small Angle to expanding the scope of the monitor, but usually small yuntai need external decoder, and the need to connect 485 decoder and digital high-definition cameras, because too complicated so easily cause malfunction.Therefore Ratingsecu for similar occasion designed a rotating bracket, millions of high-definition cameras special rotary bracket, also called intelligent support high-definition cameras.This is Ratingsecu’s patent product, the appearance of the rotating bracket is a very beautiful bracket of digital high-definition cameras, but in the stepping motor was designed on horizontal piece and decoding board will be 485 signal by digital high-definition cameras coding plate unified coding with and back-end communication to achieve various actions.

   Supermarket has parking lot entrances are often need to see the license plate, digital high-definition cameras generally can meet the needs of see the license plate in the daytime, but at night because the vehicles driving lights, which seriously affected the image imaging infrared camera because if you use the standard digital infrared light onto the plate forming strong reflective characteristics (due to plate the surface of the reflective paint) while also lead to a piece of white can't see the above figures, so be sure to choose the license plate special digital high-definition cameras and Angle to the scene to do test after will produce different effects (different angles) and installation.

   In the corridor or elevator choose digital high-definition infrared dome camera, directly installed on the ceiling generally choose white will be more beautiful, better digital high-definition dome cameras installed.But choose digital high-definition dome camera also need to choose the cooling assured products.Because many manufacturer of digital high-definition infrared dome camera is plastic material, and not in the infrared lamp calorific do heat treatment.

   Third, according to the loading mode selectionInstalled in indoor digital high-definition cameras to avoid light, should be installed along the light.Some areas such as channel due to the too long in need two computer digital high-definition cameras to monitor to the ideal, do not install the two opposite infrared digital high-definition cameras, infrared digital high-definition cameras because at night across the lamp is opened to let the camera to produce reflective phenomenon to see images effectively, this kind of situation as we like driving at night when the current face the oncoming car lights as we cannot see the road.So choose to install outdoors position also not the things that as north and south, because thing front will make camera effect by direct sunlight.

   Outdoor installing digital high-definition infrared dome camera, choose as far as possible to avoid next to an object, due to open the lamp will illuminate at night to object reflective will affect the picture shows.When the power is concentrated to 220 v to make a first voltage stabilizing treatment, if you can use UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is more appropriate.Note as much as possible on the power supply position near digital high-definition cameras because of the 12 v voltage in the wire transmission pressure drop will be big.

   If a small region or a department there are a few points which near the nearest switches or transmission equipment is far, the choice of a switch is put in this area, all concentrated point after transmission can save quantities.If the stud to install outdoors digital machine or high-definition cameras, please must be in the top of the vertical rod vertical root lightning rod, and well grounded, so that we can effectively avoid lightning equipment.

   Fourth, store and display options.Supermarket monitoring according to the size of the project range from four images to hundreds of images.The following is the easiest solution to 64 4 picture.

A.Four points using a four-way NVR as storage and decoding display, and then use a 22 inch high-definition images will be divided into four display, if you want to use the mouse to double-click the monitor which picture shows that into a single picture.
B. If it is more than four points within nine points can use a 9 NVR as storage and decoding display, and then use a 42 inch high-definition images will be divided into nine display, if you want to use the mouse to double-click the monitor which picture shows that into a single picture.

C. if nine points above 16 points is used within a 16-way NVR as storage and decoding, according to one: use a 42 inch hd display images will be divided into 16.According to two: using 4 sets 42 inch high-definition monitor stitching, according to the set of images will be divided into 16 to display on the image to select the size and cost requirements

D. If it is 16 points above 32 points is used within a 32 channel NVR as storage and decoding, according to one: use a 42 inch hd display images will be divided into 32, according to two: using 4 sets 42 inch high-definition monitor stitching, according to the set of images will be divided into 32 to display on the image to select the size and cost requirements

E. If the 32 points above 64 points within the use of four 16-way NVR as storage and decoding display, using four 42 inch or larger high-definition monitor each will monitor screen divided into 16, according to 16 x4 = 64 if you want to use the mouse to double-click the monitor which picture is become in relative display shows the single picture.

   All above is the most simple backend systems, of course, whether a few road at the time of configuration NVR must reserve late extension necessary interfaces.

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