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Pan and Tilt Rotating Bracket R-YZ200


Pan and Tilt Rotating Bracket R-YZ200

Horizontal rotate for 255° + Tilt rotate for 60°. Built-in smart decoder board, user can set preset positions, tour scan routes, home place. Horizontal rotation speed is 6º / sec, 12º / sec, 20º / sec 3 levels optional. Tilt rotation speed 6º / sec.


RATINGSECU     Pan and Tilt Rotating Bracket

Model : R-YZ200


Main feature:

  1. The first innovative design invented by RATINASECU

  2. Horizontal rotate for 255° + Tilt rotate for 60°, left & right limit positions can be set at will.

  3. Built-in smart decoder board, user can set preset positions, tour scan routes, home place

  4. Horizontal rotation speed is 6º / sec, 12º / sec, 20º / sec 3 levels optional. Tilt rotation speed 6º / sec.

  5. DC 12V power supply + RS 485 control, can connect 485 wires and DC 12V output of HD IP camera fastly,  no need change camera’s wiring system, can easily upgrade it with rotating function

  6. Use high quality motor, works stable and long lifetime

  7. Only 195mm length, easy for install, compatible with all HD IP camera and analog camera in the market

  8. Water-proof and dust-proof for all day use, casing is made of high temperature resistance and high quality industrial level plastic materials (ABS)

  9. Zero position detection switch: Photoelectric zero switch, accurate zero detection. Compared to mechanical switch, photoelectric zero switch without any abrasion, ensure zero position detection more precise and preset with high precision



Application advantage:


l         Can perfectly works with our megapixel HD IP camera, compatible with other brand IPC, only need the IPC with RS-485 connector, and their software have RS-485 control protocol, directly connect the bracket to the IPC RS-485 wires, no need wiring again, can be controlled by NVR / clients software / smart phone's clients software.

l         Can simply change a fixed camera can be moved by RS-485 control, achieve wider visible angle, low cost and simple work, with 200 address codes can be set.

l         Can decrease camera quantity in project, then decrease project cost, let integrator have more advantages than their competitor.

l         Specially suitable for indoor, change camera's visible range to be wide and improve definition.

l         For example: When you want wide angel indoor, you often choose a 3.6mm lens camera, but the definition can not be very good, if you choose a 6mm lens camera with this PT bracket, definition is better, although the 6mm lens can not reach the angle of 3.6mm lens, but the PT bracket make the biggest monitoring range to be 255 degrees.

l         Competitive price, only designed by us, unique but easy to use, help your installation to be easier, gain more praises from users.

l         Standard configuration with DC 12V power input connector and output connector, only need one power supply can works with the bracket and camera, without power supply, waterproof for outdoor-use.

l        Packing: 2 pcs in 1 box, 0.75KG / box, size: 23 x 15 x 16 cm






Horizontal rotating range

255 °

Horizontal rotating speed

6 °/ sec, 12 °/ sec, 20 ° / sec

Tilt rotating range


Tilt rotating Speed

9 ° / sec

Limit position

 left & right limit positions can be set at will

Limit position automatically scanning

Yes, 3 levels speed optional


8 preset positions

Preset tour routes

1 tour scan, 3 levels speed optional

Watch function


Manual place function


Control mode

RS 485


DC power + RS 485

Power supply

DC 12V ± 5 % / 100mA

Power consumption

0.9 W

Working environment

-25℃ -- 55℃,humidity less than 95%

(no condensation)


Size of bracket: 



How to choose a rotating bracket? What situation need us to use rotating bracket?

Intelligent rotating bracket is an helpful tool that developed based on the features of HD IP Camera. When you have project with below situation, we recommend you to use the rotating bracket:


1. The range should be monitored is wide

In many projects, the range need to be monitored is big, like playground, parking lots, hall and cross roads and so on. In order to get a wider visible angle, we usually choose camera with smaller fixed lens, or zoom lens, but zoom lens need high cost, and use small fixed lens, visible image will be very small and lead to reduce the picture effectiveness directly. If choose a big fixed lens, can get better image, but visible angle is small. Now you should choose a rotating bracket, get big visible angle, it will improved the monitoring system effect.

2. Need to monitor wide range and the environment with light reflective at night

Because some places with wide range, when we use IR camera, infrared light reflective at night will impact the video quality, we often use big lens to achieve a better image at night. But if we use small lens, the infrared LED also with small angle, it can see further distance, get more effective image, but because of the small angle, make the camera also can not cover enough space, now we can use rotating bracket to see different spaces via set its preset positions with different angle.

Simple operation command of the rotating bracket


Limit positions scan (set limit position of left and right firstly):

1. Set left limit position: set NO.9 preset

2. Set right limit position: set NO. 10 preset

3. Start limit scan: run / call NO. 12 preset

4. Delete limit scan: set NO. 12 preset

5. Scan speed and manual control have 3 levels optional: set NO. 15 / NO.16 / NO. 17 preset


Tour scan (set preset position firstly)

1. Tour scan route can set 8 preset positions: No. 1 - NO. 8

2. Tour scan route: 1 route

3. Run / call tour scan function: run / call No.13 preset position

4. Delete tour scan route: set No. 13 preset position

5. Tour scan auto check 0 initial position: after run for 50 circles


Home place function (fixed monitoring position, when bracket without any control action, it can automatically back to the home place that you set):

1. Home place preset position: set No.11 preset position

2. Run home place function: run / call No.14 preset position

3. Close home place function: set No.14 preset position

4. Idle time for return to home place: 1 minute

Manually set bracket to automatically check itself : run / call No.18 preset position

Restore factory defaults: set No.20 preset position

Add leading unique functions:

1. Use RS-485 control, no need to identify positive & negative polar for connect RS-485 wires, and, even if you only connect 1 RS-485 wire can realize control.

2.  If power is cut down suddenly, the bracket will not lose data, after power on again, it will automatically continue the action before power off.

3.  Manually set address code is available, steps:

   -- set NO. 25 preset position

   -- press “set preset” key of keyboard / NVR / software + address code number

   -- press “ENTER” / “ok” TO SAVE SETTING.

   -- After change address code of bracket, please also change the control device’s address code, to realize control.

   -- set NO. 26 preset position, save the new address code, then reboot the bracket. If you don’t do this operation, after reboot the bracket, it will automatically back to its previous address code.

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