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What is Restricting Developing Reasons of Camera

From the Moore's Law of IT hardware industry, digital camera has the same developing rule with IT and develope fast in the next few years. From the market, there are a few reasons of restricting the camera developing:
Firstly, the Speed Dome Camera start late, it is low that the customers’ recognition & accepatance, and the market is little and need to be guided;
Secondly, the camera is not used widely and just as consumable products for video chatting, making simple person image album or monitoring system etc.
At last, restricted by computer hardware as computer dispaly card, resolution, USB1.1. Interface speed and other affecting factors.

The 1.0 MP HD IP Camera is used more widely in many aspects as agriculture, military, transportation, hospital, school, hotel, residental area and yard etc. It is important in transportation and security aspect for the camera can help the police to control traffic and solve case etc.

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