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Purchasing Guidance For Camera

A camera’s quality from hardware is mainly include: lens, DSP and sensor.

Five-layer glass is the tope lens of HD IP Camera. Except this, there is also plastic lens. The structure of normal camera is 1P, 2P, 1G1P, 1G2P, 2G2P and 4G etc. The more the lens, the higher it cost, glass lens is more expensive than plastic lends. In market, most camera lower its cost by using plastic or semi plastic and semi glass lens (such as 1P, 2P, 1G1P, 1G2P,).

Sensor is the important part of digital camera, according to different component.
CCD (Charge Coupled Device) is high tech component used in photography. Its characteristics are high sensetive and low noise. But the producing technique is complicated with high cost.
CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor ) applied in lower photography product. The advantage is high integration and the low power consumption( less than 1/3 of CCD) and low cost. The disadvantage is large noise, low sensetive and high requirment for light source.

The (VIMICRO) 301Plus of DSP is one of  the best core IC in photography.
On DSP, it will be choose by the cost of photography and market. DSP manufacture factory has mature technology on design and produce DSP.

Except above, there are also other factors as software etc, we will share with you in the next time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us--Rong Tian Shi Tech Ltd (Ratingsecu) at any time. We also supply other products as Megapixel HD IP Speed Dome,Speed Dome Camera (Analog) and NVR and Camera Tools etc.

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