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How to Maintain & Save Camera

Camera can also be called PC camera, computer eye, electronic eye which is a kind of video input equipment and widely used in many places as video meeting, long distance medical and real time monitoring etc.

How to maintain & save camera as megapixel HD IP camera? There are six ways in the following:
First of all, please avoid direct sun, or it will damage the image sensor of camera;
Secondly, do not contact with oil, vapor, water vapor, moisture, dusty and water etc;
Thirdly, do not use harsh cleanser or organic solvent to wipe the megapixel camera;
Fourthly, do not drag or twist connecting line;
Fifthly, unless it is necessary, or do not disassemble camera or try to touch the inner component for it will damage the camera;
At last, please put the MP HD IP speed dome camera in dry and clean place.

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