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255 Degrees Electrical Rotating Bracket R-YZ100


255 Degrees Electrical Rotating Bracket R-YZ100

Specially suitable for indoor, change camera's visible range to be wide and improve definition. 
E.g. When you want wide angel indoor, you often choose a 3.6mm lens camera, but the definition can not be very good, if you choose a 6mm lens camera with this rotating bracket, definition is better, although the 6mm lens can not reach the angle of 3.6mm lens, but the rotating bracket make the biggest monitoring range to be 255 degrees.


RatingSecu        255 Degrees Rotating Bracket for Security Camera

Model No.: R-YZ100



Main features:

Completely independent intellectual property.
255° Horizontal rotate. Left and Right stop positions can be freely adjustable.
Built-in Intelligent decoder, intelligent preset position, intelligent scan function.
Can set 1 home position.
Rotating speed is adjustable, 6°/ 12°/ 20° per second.
DC 12V Input power, R-S485 control cable.
Can be easily connected to HD camera’s R-S485 and DC 12V output.
Easy to make fixed HD camera to be with rotate function, but no need extra wiring.
Especially customized high quality and durable motor. Work stable and have long work life.
Only 170mm length, easy to install, compatible with all kind HD camera and analog camera.
Waterproof design, dust-proof and high temperature resistance, industrial level plastic material.

Applicative advantage:

Can match with HD camera perfectly.
Can connect to IP module R-S485 directly.
Can be remotely controlled by NVR, platform software and smart phone, but no need extra wiring.
Competitive price. You can make the fixed lens camera rotate with lower cost.
Can reduce the quantity of fixed lens camera with this rotating bracket, then you can save much cost of the project. Let you have more competitive than other seller.
Especially suitable for indoor fixed camera to view wider angle.


When we installing a camera in the room, and want to view wider range, we usually use 3.6mm lens which with big visible angle but short visible distance, this make he camera's resolution can not be perfect But if this camera is equipped with our rotating bracket, 6mm lens can improve the resolution, at the meanwhile, you can view wider angle and longer distance, although 6mm lens can not reach 90 degrees like 3.6mm lens, but the rotating bracket allows the fixed lens camera to achieve the maximum monitoring range to 255 degrees. As a result, monitoring range and resolution have been improved, customer evaluations will be better.

Bracket data sheet:



Horizontal rotate angle


Rotate speed

6°/ 12°/ 20° optional 

Limited position

Left & right limited position, Free adjustable

Limited position auto scan

3 level adjustable

Preset position

8 preset position

Preset position route

1 tour route, 3 level of rotate speed

fixed monitoring position


Manual homing feature


Control wire



Power interface + RS485

Power input

DC 12V±5% / 100mA

Power consumption


Work environment

-25℃-55℃,less than 95% (no condensation)



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