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CCTV video tester RTS-290


CCTV video tester RTS-290

RTS-290 Security video tester is an excellent assistant for first-line safety engineers and it is developed specially for technical personnel to debug the front camera.


3.5" TFT display screen + Audio input test + 12V power output +
USB universal charging socket
RTS-290 Security video tester is an excellent assistant for first-line safety engineers and it is developed specially for technical personnel to debug the front camera. It has some simple and useful functions, like on-site access to camera images and providing temporary 12V power supply for the camera. It owns distinctive look and wearing design and the treatment for flexible paint on the surface becomes more humane. The tester is built in lithium battery, provide powerful and reliable power for the device, along with the function that it will shut down automatically without video signal for 3 minutes. All the master controls use ultra low power decoder chips and MCU, provide 8 hours of long working time. RTS-290 tester is a practical tool for security project commissioning and maintenance technicians, can help them to saving time, make the work to be more effective.


video surveillance installation and test
audio signal test


3.5" TFT display screen, resolution: 320 x 240
low power consumption, working time up to 8 hours
NTSC / PAL auto identify and auto adapt itself
1 channel of video input
1 channel of audio input
have speaker, can play the audio input
12V / 0.5A emergency power output, can test the camera if is powered
3 minutes without video signal, it will automatically sleep for saving power
built-in 2200mA lithium battery, support to use USB socket for recharging the tester
have sun shade cover, it can be used outdoor
have wristband, you can wear it like a watch on hand
small and simple, easy for carry and use, operator need not to get training


Size: 92mm x 73mm x 27mm(shade cover part is 40mm)
Weight of main tester: 120g
Weight of the whole tester: 500g


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