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Rong Tian Shi Chinese/English CCTV Tester RTS-301


Rong Tian Shi Chinese/English CCTV Tester RTS-301

The tester is a professional testing tool which is exploited for video monitory scenes installation and maintain. It have multi functions including display video, PTZ control, image producer, and network cable testing.


2.8 inch High definite LCD Chinese display + PTZ controller + image producer+ network cable testing function

The tester is a professional testing tool which is exploited for video monitory scenes installation and maintain. It have multi functions including display video, PTZ control, image producer, and network cable testing. It's simple and easy for operation, convenient for carry, economical for save money, is a good assistant for workers.

Application Area:
Video monitoring projects installation and maintain
High speed Dome camera testing and camera testing
Transmission channel testing of video
Control PTZ protocol 

2.8" TFT-LCD screen, 960 X 240 resolution
Screen Brightness / Contrast / Color Saturation are adjustable
Low power consumption, 11 hours working time
Chinese / English operate menu, simple, easy and beautiful
Test video signal strength; Video Generating, PAL/NTSC multi-system color bar video generator (seven-system switchable, transmit/receive seven-system color imagines)
Test UTP cable connection status and display in the screen, scan RS485 communication address
Test LAN cable, measuring the connecting status, display the sequence of connection and the NO. of the LAN cable.
NTSC / PAL auto identify and adjust
Catch and display PTZ control protocol code  
Support more than 20 kinds of protocols, including Pelco-D, Pelco-P, Samsung etc.
Support RS232, RS485 ports, speed rate 150 ~ 19200/bps
Built in Lithium Ion Polymer Battery (3.7V DC2800mAh), can continuously works for 11 hours for normal use after charging for 4 hours Professional design, easy for carry and use, operator almost can use it directly without training
One person can operate it to finish the testing, aim and focus of camera, you can test and verify every camera and needn't to back to monitoring center, save your time and improve working efficiency.

Tester Data:


Video mode:

PAL / NTSC auto adjust

Video signal:


Display screen:

2.8" TFT-LCD screen, 960 X 240 resolution

Display screen adjust:

The brightness, contrast ratio, color saturation are adjustable

Video input:

1 BNC isolation input

Video output:

1 BNC drive output


Communication port:

Support RS323, RS485 at the same time

Communication protocol:

Compatible with more than 20 kinds of protocols:

 Pelco_D, Pelco_P, Samsung, Panasonic, Lilin, Yaan etc.

Baud rate:

2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 bps


Video signal producer:

Through video out port, sent color image video testing signal


Network cable testing:

Testing any two or more connect linear ordering, and display cable number


Protocol code catching:

Can receive and display RS485 / RS232 protocol data from control equipment


Power supply:

DC 5V  (2A)

Battery supply:

Built-in Li-ion battery of 3.7V, capacity 2000mAh 


Need 3 ~ 4 hours to charging, and can use 10 hours after full charging.

Save power function:

Low power consumption, auto stand by can save power, it's can display battery data


Operating set:

Chinese / English OSD menu, optional

Auto stand by:

Turn off / 5 ~ 60 minutes 

Keyboard voice:



Working temperature:

-30°C ~ +70°C 

Working humidity:

30% ~ 90%


170mm(L) X 99mm(w) X 48mm(H)

Note: the above data are reference only, if you need to know detailed tech data, Please call our tech department.

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