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Q: What is the RS-485 interface standard of speed dome PTZ camera control?

A: RS-485 is based on the development from RS-422 to RS-485, so many electrical and RS-422 provides similar. Such as balance transfer method used, the transmission lines need to termination resistor. RS-485 can use two line and four line, second-line system can realize multi-point two-way communication.

Q: What is the RS-422 interface standard?

A: RS-422, RS-485, data using differential signal transmission, also known as a balanced transmission. The RS-422 standard is the full name of "electrical characteristics of balanced voltage digital interface circuits", which defines the characteristics of the interface circuit.

Q: What is the RS-232 serial interface standard?

A: The RS-232 is a serial interface is the most widely used PC machine and communication industry. RS-232 was defined as a single standard communication distance at low rates in serial communication. RS-232 take the unbalanced transmission mode, the so-called single-ended communication.

Q: What is the IP video surveillance?

A: IP is (Internet Protocol) abbreviation; it is one of the communications through the computer network of the most commonly used protocol. IP monitoring solution is through wired or wireless IP network video information in a digital form for transmission. As long as the network can reach the place will be the implementation of video monitoring and recording, and the monitor can also perfect combination with many other types of system. IP surveillance is suitable for home security, because products is more small and easy for use, we have some new small mega pixel HD IP cameras can be chose.

Q: What is the classification and function of pan?

A: Indoor, outdoor, indoor protective cover the main role is to dustproof; and outdoor protective cover except dustproof, the main role is to protect the camera in a relatively poor natural environment (such as rain, snow, low temperature, high temperature and so on) work. This requires not only the sealing structure rigorous, but also a wiper, a spraying device, at the same time, with the heating and cooling function.

Q: What is the digital zoom camera (Digital Zoom)?

A: It's actually a picture of electronic amplification, a part of the original CCD image sensor pixel on the use of "interpolation" processing methods to enlarge, the pixel CCD image sensor with the interpolation algorithm to enlarge the image to the entire screen.

Q: What is DSP?

A: DSP (Digital Signal Processing) is the abbreviation for digital signal processing. Its working principle is to receive analog signals are converted to digital signals, 0 or 1, then the digital signal to modify, delete, strengthening, and the digital data interpretation to simulated data or real environment format in other system chip. Our analog camera and megapixel HD IP cameras use different DSP.

Q: What is CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor)?

A: The manufacturing technology of CMOS and general computer chip no difference, is mainly the use of silicon and germanium semiconductor of the two elements is made, the CMOS coexisting with N (Band - Electrical) and P (+ power level) of the semiconductor, current can be generated by these two complementary effect is processing chip records and interpreted as images. CMOS camera can save cost, but need more improvement works to get good image at night.

Q: What is a Video Server?

A: The network video server is a computer that runs special Video Management Software (VMS) and is used to record video from IP cameras. A Windows computer is usually used as the platform for the VMS. Video is recorded onto the computer's hard drives in a special video format. There has been some confusion with this term because a number of years ago a device that attached an analog camera to the network was also called a video or camera server. A video camera server, is now usually referred to as a Video Encoder.

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