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Q: Why the mobile phone sometimes can not access your camera?

A: (1) the camera IP and your phone are in the same network, please enter the IP address (example: related port, login account and password.
    (2) If the phone and network camera is not in the same area network, please mapping the camera to Internet. Then enter the camera IP / domain name (for example:http://tzbc123.oicp.net) and related port, login account and password directly in your phone. Set the camera stream as QCIF (Our mobile terminal Preview sub-stream of the camera, probably because of the limited bandwidth of the mobile phone network, so reducing the resolution of the sub-stream).

Q: What is the difference between the low illumination camera and ordinary illumination camera?

A: The ordinary illumination camera has poor signal-to-noise ratio, snowflake point, illumination is not good.

Q: Why camera stuck on black and white mode instead of color mode in the daytime?

A: The pssibilities as follow:
    1, Check the use of the environment, Transfer of light for the camera.
    2, the power supply is not enough, that's because the power supply is too far away from the camera, and usually it should be within 0.5m to 1.5m.
    3, the camera settings problem, to solve this the color mode should be set up.
    4, the camera response delay for this we can take a piece of black cloth covering the camera, remove it after a minute. It will disconnect infrared, give signal to photo resistance. The photoconductive resistance is not sensitive sometimes, for this; we can turn off and then turn on the camera.

Q: What is the speed of your low speed IR PTZ camera?

A: horizontal rotation for 360°, 30°/sec auto scan have 4 shifts can be adjusted, vertical rotation for 3°~90°, 20°/sec.

Q: What is the speed of your medium IR speed dome camera?

A:Horizontal 100° / sec, 4 shifts speed, vertical rotate for 3°~90°, 50°/sec.

Q: What is the speed of your high speed dome camera?

A: horizontal 0.05°~220°/sec, vertical 0.05°~100°/sec. Preset points move speed: horizontal 220°/sec, vertical 100°/sec.

Q: What is the advantages of our IR LED?

A: All of our security IR cameras only use high quality IR LED, the SEL IR LED is developed by a Germany company for us only, use Finland LEDIL light lens, our cctv IR camera have long lifetime to 3 years.

Q: Why we say "motion detection is not auto tracking"?

A: Motion detection is a function of back end device, like clients software / DVR / NVR etc, means when an area have movement enter the camera's monitoring range, the back device will send a notification to the user and start to save video.
    Auto tracking is a function nodule inside of a camera, when movement enter the camera's monitoring range, the camera will auto turn to focus on the movement and always follow it untill it leaving.
    At present, the auto tracking cameras in our market is not mature, they add a auto tracking module inside, but it is not sensitive enough, we tested many times, it often can not follow the movement correctly, and miss important information, this is not helpful for surveillance, because the camera often only can start to follow moving people when he almost leave, this is why we haven't start to sell this camera.

Q: What is Speed Dome Camera (PTZ)?

 A: The camera can pan, tilt and zoom, and with dome housing, our speed dome camera can rotate for 360 degrees continuously, you can choose them according to different night vision distance, click here.

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