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Q: Can I Use The Indoor Cameras To Look Out A Window?

A: Unfortunately if you choose to use the indoor cameras this way, you will get a very bright reflection from the mirror image of the IR lights when they turn on at night. This will effectively blind the camera, and you will not be able to use the camera's night vision due to the reflection. If you still choose to use the cameras this way, try placing black electrical tape over the IR lights to resolve the reflection problem.

Q: What Can I Use To Extend The Power Cord?

A: In CCTV security system, big project's installation is complicated. You can use a regular power extension to extend power to as far as you'd like, just make sure it is AC power. The reason why we say AC is because with a DC cord that has such a low voltage, the resistance is very high in the wire, as it is very thin. DC voltage will not travel far at significant distances and the camera will not power completely if you do this. IR LEDs and night vision are often the first components to fail. In night vision, the IR Leds will consume much more current. Be assured that AC extensions work with DC power supplies. You can ask your local hardware store more on the issue, but all customers who have purchased with us usually buy AC extensions as they are looking to extend their cameras out to sometimes 50 - 70 feet.

Q: Why my Camera's Night Vision Is Not Working At Night?

A: Sometimes the IR lights may get "stuck." We suggest trying to flash a flashlight a foot in front of the camera, thereby blinding it. When it comes back it resets the IR LEDs and auto-iris appropriately, and the night vision may start to work again. This is different according to different infrared cctv cameras.

Q: How to save Internet streaming volume or the image storage?

A: IP cameras provide excellent high definition images but there are still issues about image transmitting and storage. Under the condition of limited Internet bandwidth, the following tips give you some idea about how to save Internet streaming volume and the image storage:
    Use better compression format, such as H.264
    Use CBR (Constant Bit Rate) to adjust streaming volume
    Choose the appropriate definition according to the applied environment
    Adjust GOP (Group of Picture) can reduce image streaming volume
    Choose recording mode as Motion Detection. That way, only when an event is triggered that the recording will begin and save the image storage.

Q: What is the standard HD specification?

A: a. HD (High Definition), according to SMPTE 296M (HDTV 720P) is:
    • The vertical and horizontal pixel is higher than 1280 x 720
    • In terms of video display, HD cameras send signals by means of scanning line-by-line (720p)
    • Support H.264 compression and the image high-to-width ratio is 16:9
    • fps (frame-per-second) is 25(PAL)/30(NTSC) per second
    b. Full HD (High Definition), according to SMPTE 274M (HDTV 1080) is:
    • The vertical and horizontal pixel is higher than 1920 x 1080
    • In terms of video display, full HD cameras send signals by means of scanning line-by-line (1080p) or scanning every two lines (1080i)
    • Support H.264 compression and the image high-to-width ratio is 16:9
    • fps (frame-per-second) is 25(PAL)/30(NTSC) per second

Q: Can all your ptz cameras be equiped with a IP module?

A: yes, all our ptz camera can add ip module, internal or extrernal.

Q: What should we do when the screen appeared blurred, mosaic, black, and screen delay?

A: We can try these ways to solve:
    a. Check the view mode. the higher resolution , the slower speed.
    b. The internet bandwidth.
    c. The capability of the computer and internet environment
    d. The more users, the slower it works.
    e. Do not use a hub when the Image updated slow, especial for multiple net camera.

Q: Why we can't control your PTZ Dome camera?

A: The reasons as follow:
    a. Make sure the wire connected is correct.
    b. Make sure the setting is correct, please set in the PTZ's hardware device.
    c. Make sure the addressing coordinated with its from PTZ or Dome.
    d. Make sure the protocol are agreed, you may contact us about details.

Q: Why your IP camera sometimes can't work on the windows server?

A: Because JS soft need direct 3D function about the graphic card on computer. Frankly speaking, most graphic card on computer should upgrade latest driver program. Or add a discrete graphics. Then click the the "Start" on the left-below corner, print " dxdiag", enter the interface of direct 3D.

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