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Q: What is the lens of the DC drive (DC driverno Amp)?

A: It uses the DC voltage on the camera to directly control the aperture, the lens contains only the galvanometer aperture motor, no amplifier circuit camera. Two driving modes of products not interchangeable, but is now a generic type auto-iris lens launched. 

Q: What is the lens of the video driver?

A: It will be a video signal and power from the camera is transported to the lens to control the lens aperture, the video input lens contains the amplifier circuit, is used to control video camera to convert the aperture motor.

Q: What is the optical zoom?

A: Its to achieve zoom with optical lens structure, is moving through the lens to zoom in and out need to take in the scenery, the greater the optical zoom, can shoot the scene more far.

Q: What is the relationship between focal length and image size and angle size?

A: The focal length is proportional to the length and image size, focal length of imaging is bigger, the shorter focal length imaging smaller. From the perspective of the focal length of the lens length and inversely proportional to size, the longer the focal length angle is smaller, the greater the shorter focal length perspective.

Q: What is the focal length of the lens?

A: From the optical principle, from the focus of the lens focal length is the distance from the lens center. The focal length. Such as "f=8-24mm,", refers to the focal length lens for 8-24mm.

Q: What is OSD camera?

A: The 650TVL camera in our website are all with OSD menu on the pigtail cable. you use it to set a lot of function. there is also another kind of OSD camera which have a built in OSD system within the camera in order to set functions such as Iris levels, AGC on/off and most features of standard and advanced camera.

Q: What is zoom camera?

A: A camera with a zoom lens (varifocal lens). 

Q: How the lux affects picture quality?

A: The illumination factor LUX (1/10 of a foot candle) is a standardized unit to measure a security camera's sensitivity to light. The lower the number, the less light it will need to reproduce a clear image. A CCTV camera with a LUX of 1 means it can see an image during early evening hours or just before dusk. A camera with 0.5 LUX has the ability to see an image in a dimly lit corridor. A 40W fluorescent lamp will provide sufficient indoor light for a camera with 2 LUX. With the help of infrared light, camera can work with 0 LUX, i.e., under total darkness, even better than the human eyes. 0 Lux often means to a RI camera and when the IR is turned on.

Q: What is day and night camera?

A: IR camera is with the LED light on camera and automatically sense the night. then the IR light will open automatically, then the camera can still work well. but the picture is black & white, not color.

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