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Q: Why we ask you to confirm the video signal system or your ordering cameras?

A: Different areas use different video signal system, they are not compatible, mainkly are PAL & NTSC, when you place order, we need you to confirm this, then we can arrange production, because PAL camera can not get normal video in the areas using NTSC system.
    PAL--(Phase Alternate Line) is I adopted in most Europe countries, Australia and some middle-south America countries for commercial TV broadcast.
    NTSC--(National Television Standards Committee) is a kind of video standard. NTSC is adopted in America, Canada, Japan, and some middle-south America countries for commercial TV broadcast.
    SECAM--(Sequential color Avec Memoire)mainly used for France, the former Soviet Union and Eastern European countries, SECAM is compatible with PAL, so, if your area use SECAM, you can choose PAL.

Q: What is the Minimum illumination?

A: A unit measures the intensity of light. Full moonlight is about 0.1 lox whereas full daylight is about 10,000 lox. Most color cameras can produce decent images during deep twilight. Most black and white cameras need about as much light as produced by a full moon. With our new cameras, the only light you need is starlight on a dark night. This refers to the part of a video signal that carries the monochrome information. 

Q: What is the function of our IR camera's "IR-CUT filter auto switch" ?

A: We add double IR-CUT filters in all our IR cameras, and set them to automatically switch in day time / night time, it will auto sense light situation, user don't need to do any operation, this make the camera get much better image. In nighttime, the night light through rate increases, low illumination, the sensitivity increased. In daytime, the image more vivid and elegant, clear color.

Q: What is the thermal imaging camera?

A: Any object with a temperature will emit infrared, thermal imager is receiving the infrared rays emitted by objects, color images to display the temperature distribution was measured on the surface, to find out the abnormal temperature according to small differences in temperature, thus plays the role and maintenance. The general is also called thermal infrared imager. The working principle of thermal imaging camera is thermal infrared imaging technology. Its core is the thermal imager, it is a kind of sensor can detect very small temperature difference; the temperature difference is converted into a real-time video image display. But can only see the thermal profile of people and things, can not see the true colors of objects. Thermal imaging camera is high cost and often be used in military projects, we have 2 types of thermal imaging speed dome camera and a fix thermal imaging camera.

Q: What is a Zoom Lens?

A: Zoom camera is an optical system that the position of focal surface is fixed but focal length adjustable. Zooming is finished by moving glass-chip inside of lens as to change glass-chip positions. By such way, it is manageable to adjust focus length and view angle. We design zoom module for our IR speed dome camera & IR zoom camera.

Q: What is the effect of laser light?

A: Illumination can go far distance, a single color, the light direction consistency, high brightness. Our laser IR speed dome camera can watch 200m clearly in dark environment. Laser PTZ camera is not the best choice for home security, because it is expensive and big, mainly for long distance night vision, so this camera of laser IR PTZ often be used in big project.

Q: What is a Lens?

A: Lens is a kind of optical clarity kit made by one or more optical glasses spherical. It is applied for focalizing or scattering light from targets, so as to form real image or virtual image. All our security ccd camera and megapixel HD IP camera use Japanese lens.

Q: What is the working principle of CCD?

A: The subject is the reflection of light, focused by a lens to the image sensor, according to the strength of the light gathering corresponding charge, through periodic discharge, produces electric signal transfer pictures to DSP processing. Now more and more security camera choose CMOS, because more people prefer to CMOS megapixel camera, but not analog CCD camera.

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