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Q: What is the difference between indoor and outdoor camera?

A: Outdoor camera must be weatherproof, like dust, water, rain or something else. Whereas indoor need not require protective of weather, can not work when raining or in water, that would course the water coming onto the inside camera and burned the ccd board and break down the system.

Q: What does TVL of CCTV security camera means?

A: TVL (TV Lines) refers to the horizontal resolution (the maximum number of vertical lines the camera can resolve) of the CCTV camera. there is aslo a way to exchange from TVL to Pixels.

Q: What is the difference between a varifocal lens and a fixed lens?

A: A varifocal lens is one where the focal length of the lens can be varied.we call it zoom lens also. like a 2.8-12mm lens. Most varifocal lenses have, and in almost all circumstances should have, an auto iris feature.A fixed focal length lens cannot zoom. like you can choose a 3.6mm lens, or you can choose a 6mm lens. when you finish your choice and not change on your choose d camera. The focus is fixed. A fixed focal length lens usually better than a varifocal, or zoom lens when in low light situations.

Q: What is infrared led array camera?

A: Infrared array LED camera is designed to include: lens, shell, infrared array light, and other necessory materials. This kind of camera is a night vision camera, can take video in a absolutely dark environment.

Q: How to select a suitable security surveillance cameras?

A: You can through these ways: a. According to the mode of installation
    According to the location of installation
    According to the light of environment
    According to the image clarity
    According to the specifications, such as S/N ratio, the method to drive the aura lens and among others.

Q: What is Varifocal Manual Iris Lens?

A: a. Just as the name implies, varifocal manual iris lens has changeable focal-length and adjusting ring which can adjust focal-length in certain range with 2~3X zoom and 3.6~8 mm focal-length. At practical applications, manual adjustment of ring can easily select spot angle, i.e.: whole space monitoring of room or partial monitoring is available. This kind of lens is very important when spot is unfamiliar.
    b. For most CCTV projects, once camera has been fixed, it is inconvenient to manual zoom frequently. So varifocal manual iris lens is mainly used in strict conditions which is hard for mono focal lens to meet demand. However, such lens is welcomed by engineering people, for such lens can be adjusted until meet demand instead of replacing various lenses. This feature is much welcomed out of town project.

Q: What is Fps (frame per second) detection?

A: Fps (frame per second) detection is applied for storing and showing signal quantity of dynamic video.

Q: What is AVS?

A: AVS is an ENDEC (encoder & decoder) standard of AV (audio & video).

Q: What is AVI (audio video interleave)?

A: AVI (audio video interleave) is the video format of Windows3.1. Its features include good compatibility, easy adjustment, super image, huge bulk.

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